Oct. 11th, 2013

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Thank you so much for the story you're going to write! I'm so looking forward to reading it.

Anything you write will be amazing, I know, but here are some ideas if you're looking for one.

For the History Boys:

The thing I love most about this film/play is that it reminds me of all of my favorite college classes. That and the way the boys are learning how to be who they will become. Posner is by far my favorite. I love his melancholy and the way he's searching for a way to fit in with the other boys. I love the way they've learned to communicate with poetry as a sort of shorthand and how it's used as almost a translator when they don't have their own words.

I'm a huge Pos/Scripps shipper, and they are my favorite pairing. Scripps' quiet support and attempt to get Posner to see who he is apart from Dakin intrigues me.

I also love the dynamic between Posner and Irwin and would love to see that explored (shippy or not).

My favorite kind of stories are ones that follow them to Oxford and beyond and seeing how their time there reinforces or destroys their ideals of what that place would be. And I love stories where Posner slowly learns to get over Dakin or where we see him as a teacher finding something more satisfying than 'not happy but not unhappy about it.'

For Bomb Girls:

This show is a recent addition to my watch list, and I love the dynamic between Marco and Mrs. Corbett. I like the tension between her duty to her husband the war hero and the taboo allure that Marco represents. I so wish they had kept the two of them together, and any fixit fics for their relationship would be amazing. Either that or just the way they play off each other and push each other to think about things they'd rather ignore.

For Hamlet:

For this one I requested Hamlet and two of his foils: Laertes and Horatio. I'd love to see something of the relationship of Hamlet and Laertes and how their thoughts/feelings for Ophelia play into that. I love the relationship between Hamlet and Horatio as well (and yes, I ship it a bit), and would love to see more of that and maybe some h/c type fic with Horatio helping Hamlet through his father's death.

For Lucifer:

I love everything about this comic, but mostly I love the side characters. I would love to see a fic from Mazikeen's perspective delving into her unwavering loyalty and her love for Lucifer.

I'd also love anything with Bergelmir, either with Jill or his adventures on his own before or after meeting her.


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