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Dear Yuletide Author

No, seriously, though. Thank you for writing for me! I am so looking forward to reading your fic. Let me just take a moment to apologize for not having gotten this letter up sooner.


I am certain I will love whatever you choose to write for one of my fandoms. I'm a big fan of quiet angst with a happy, or at least hopeful, ending. I like sweet moments nearly as much as I like things a bit hot and steamy. I also like friendship fics where there's a level of understanding that only comes from knowing someone for years. I like fics that explore minor characters or look at group dynamics. If you want an idea of the sort of thing I have written myself, you can take a look at that here.

And now on to the specific fandoms...

For History Boys, I would love to see something of the boys later in life. Posner is my favorite, but Scripps is a very close second. I like them together, either as friends or more than friends. I'm totally open to exploring the idea brought up in the play that Posner never really moves on from school and struggles with depression, but I also love fics where he grows more comfortable with himself and learns to accept a bit of happiness. I'd love something domestic-ish for that. With Posner and Irwin, I'd love to see them bonding over their obsessions with Dakin or even developing a sort of antagonistic relationship because of it.

For Alice, I'm a sucker for seeing Hatter trying to deal with Alice's world. I would also love to see a sort of reconciliation between Hatter and Jack, maybe something from the time between Alice leaving and Hatter following where he talks to Jack? (I would love to read something shippy between them or even OT3 with Alice, but friendshippy is also lovely.)

I'm relatively new to Downton Abbey, but I adore Branson and Sybil, and I'd love to see anything that focused on the development of their relationship. Discussing politics or books or just getting away from the family. Seeing Branson dealing with the other family members or Sybil discussing relationships with her sisters (or mom, or grandma) would also be wonderful.

I'm sure that whatever you end up writing will be a lovely, little Yuletide treat. Thank you so much for taking the time to create something for me. I'm so looking forward to reading it!