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I'm still working out this Dreamwidth thing. (Importing takes forever, does it not? Though I suppose that's to be expected with such a mass exodus.) I may or may not simply start posting here and mirroring on LJ. I'll still respond to comments both places, of course, and I'll still be keeping up with the LJ friendslist.

Is there a Dreamwidth version of LJ Login or Juggler? Or do either of those work on Dreamwidth? I know Login worked on IJ. I'd like to stick with Chrome as a browser though. It seems to be working for me.

In non-LJ related news, I cannot believe it's almost Christmas. I foresee tomorrow will involve much baking and working out the logistics of having Christmas when Tabitha has to be at the hospital every four hours or so. (I am not allowed in with the munchkins until the cold is gone. It's sad-making, but totally understandable, so I don't mind so much.) I think I'm done with the Christmas shopping, but I may try to run out to Old Navy tomorrow (eek, Missoula traffic on Christmas Eve!) because they apparently have cute, long-sleeved onesies for preemies. Though Jasiah is almost grown out of his preemie clothes now.

If I don't manage to make it online again before then, have a happy Christmas everybody. And a belatedly happy solstice. And a continuously happy Hanukkah. Just be happy, folks.

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